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Welcome to Engaging Potential

Alternative education projects

Our Mission

Engaging Potential is an independent school offering an alternative approach for disengaged young people. Our mission is to re-engage them with individual learning opportunities and positive life experiences through teaching and mentoring whilst promoting personal and social development.

Our Vision

We recognise the potential within all young people, and we seek to release it by:

  • Establishing relationships based on mutual trust, honesty and respect
  • Encouraging, engaging and motivating young people
  • Making learning relevant and transferable
  • Raising the expectations of young people
  • Promoting active and experiential learning

Our Values

The work of Engaging Potential is supported by a set of core values that we work towards.

Young person centred

We believe in meeting young people where they are, rather than where others want them to be.  We aim to build up trust over time until a point where we can tailor programmes of positive activities and opportunities to meet and support their individual needs

Encouraging positive change

We believe in building positive relationships based on trust, consistency and respect. These relationships aim to provide a safe environment for change, giving young people the time to build confidence to make positive choices in their lives

Realistic and non-judgemental approach

We believe in working with the young people to develop a programme that is centred upon the young person’s aspirations, needs, interests, abilities and learning style

Consistency of delivery

We believe that continuity and consistency are essential for the well-being and development of young people

Building professional relationships

We believe in working in partnership with professional individuals, organisations and agencies to facilitate an holistic approach to working with young people